London Trade Roundtable elects new chairman and widens its reach

The London Trade Roundtable (LTR) has elected a new chairman at its most recent Annual General Meeting and is also planning a wider range of events through the course of 2020 to open the doors to all involved in international trade and export services.

John MacNamara, former Vice Chairman, Trade Finance Commodities at Deutsche Bank, will now take up the post of LTR chairman. He takes over from Steven Wicks, head of risk at global commodities group Concord Resources Limited, who has led the association through its transformation over the past three years.

Speaking on his appointment, MacNamara says: “It is an honour to take up the post of chair of the LTR which is now in its 31st year. It is a particularly challenging time in international trade and project finance, but where there are challenges this sector always has immense capacity to focus on exciting opportunities. By getting together in such a group as the LTR we have the capacity to understand much better, and focus on, many of the issues which are the most important to our businesses. Taking that forward we also have the task of informing and hopefully influencing regulators, government and fostering better international trade practices.”

At the same time, the LTR is continuing to widen its reach with a push to attract more trade, commodity and export players across the board to its ever expanding range of meetings throughout the year, its stated aim being to act as a networking and ideas exchanging forum for those working in this sector.

LTR secretary Neil McGugan, says: “LTR is open to all involved in international trade and export finance, and we welcome new members to our expanding association. Last year we arranged some landmark meetings that were extremely well attended and we expanded the membership. We fully expect to have a dynamic programme through 2020.”Proposed topics on the agenda for this year will include: trade negotiations update; financial crime; technology and trade; why London is a centre for trade and commodity finance; and sustainability and trade.